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Music is an everyday thing. What will you do today?

It’s all starts with The List. It sets out all the roles & responsibilities that need to be handled to effectively build and manage an artist.

Every single role and responsibility needs to be understood because the more you understand the roles, the more you’ll see where you’re at.
Then when you can see the gaps, you'll know how to fill them.

This is a new era for artist management. We’re setting a new standard with The List… so everyone can be armed with the necessary knowledge to reach their potential, faster.

We made The List FREE because it’s crucial to the elevation of good music that Artists are managed properly.

With just The List, you can;

- get a big picture view of everything involved in moving the music forward.
- see the roles that need to be done to effectively build an artist.
- have a source of inspiration for new ideas on how to build
- be sure that everything that’s appropriate and relevant for you right now is covered in your operation.

- defining who is responsible for each role and making sure it gets done… even if it’s just you… don’t worry… we all started like that.

If you already have a team around you, then The List is very useful for:

- getting everyone in your team on the same page
- organizing team meetings with an agenda
- assigning roles to make sure everyone knows who is responsible and it all gets done.

Heads up... DON'T FREAK OUT ... when you see The List for the first time (or every time after).
You can eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed... by just tackling things one at a time.... and keep moving through it... each step you activate will lead you to the next one... and through that forward movement you’ll start to see how things connect … and you’ll pick up speed.

And remember It doesn’t matter what country you come from or what kind of music you make.
And it doesn’t matter if you’re an artist getting out of your bedroom for the first time… or if you’re an established artist with millions of fans worldwide going into a new cycle of work.

And so today... here and now … take these 3 steps:

1. Pick one thing on The List.
2. Level up your knowledge fast with our guides
3. Take the first step forward to getting it done.... move forward.

You’ll need to be logged in to access all of the detailed information, the step by step action lists, the email templates and the deal info in plain English.... and to see how it all connects.

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