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This is for musicians on a mission…and for anyone who wants to help a musician move their music forward, faster.

Let's get 3 things out of the way to start:
1. It’s all about the music.
Let's never forget it what we're really here for ... or take it for granted. The music is what leads us to where we need to go. It brings us all the people we need to help us move it forward. It's all about the performance; when we're rehearsing, playing live and in the studio.

2. It's brutal out there for Artists trying to move forward.
Flipping between a creative head space and a management headspace... and the time, patience and energy it takes to get back into your creative flow... it's a trip.

3. Time is NOW.
It's a good a time as any to level up your knowledge so you can take action, connect the dots and propel forward faster.
By now you probably already know that you have to get the management bit right to get the good music out to the people who need it ... and to be able to pay everyone involved ... so you can all keep on doing the music.

It can be overwhelming sometimes to wrap our heads around everything that needs to be done. Getting clarity and saving time so we can spend more of it playing music. For us, it all starts with THE LIST. It sets out all the roles & responsibilities that need to be handled to effectively build and manage an artist.

Every single role and responsibility needs to be understood because the more you understand the roles, the more you’ll see where you’re at. Then when you can see the gaps, you'll know how to fill them.

We made THE LIST free because it’s crucial to the elevation of good music that Artists are managed properly.

This is a new era for artist management. We’re setting a new standard with THE LIST… so everyone can be armed with the necessary knowledge to reach their potential, faster.

Heads up... when you see THE LIST for the first time (or every time after)…. don't freak out! Look at it as the starting point for breaking down the entire music business in one place, from the point of view of the Artist.

THE LIST is a way for Artists / Managers / Teams to:

- Identify all roles

- Define / delegate who is responsible for each role

- Ensure everything is covered in your operation

- Be a source of new ideas

- Get everyone on the same page

Print it out. Put it on your wall. Save it for easy access to look at on your device. Music is an everyday thing. Read THE LIST every day.

If you're looking for management, you'll want to have a conversation around these roles with any potential manager. It's a great way to keep the conversation real... so everyone knows what they're committing to.

If you're Self Managed, these are the roles that you and your core team of supporters (or just you alone) need to handle.

If you're a manager, your artist wants to know that all of this is being handled.

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