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Whether you're an established Artist with a full service team around you... or if it's just you on your own starting out... at the end of the day it's up to you to create the opportunities for your music.

Artists lead and the music industry follows... that's the truth of how this music thing works.
So how then do we create these opportunities? Let's break this down into 3 steps:
STEP 1: Get into the right mindset:

- The best opportunities flow from the music. Let your music guide you to where you should put your energy.
- Failure is valuable and to be respected. Experiment. Learn!
- Who is responsible? You or someone in your team has to be ultimately responsible for coming up with new ideas and executing them.

STEP 2: Come up with lots of new ideas. 
- How? It's called BRAINSTORMING.
- When one or more people focus their energy for a short amount of time and come up with as many new ideas as possible.
- We need a constant flow of new ideas so have a brainstorming session at least once a week…. more often if you can.

STEP 3: Execute those ideas.
- This is critical!
- It's all about trial and error. See what works.
- It's the only way. There are no magic answers or secrets.

Here are just 2 examples of ways to create opportunities for your music ... right now.! We dig into each one with a detailed guide over at
Get your head around all the different skills that it takes to deliver a recording and then learn how you can bring your song to life with little or no money. It's all about creative collaborations.
This is all about different ways to get shows; booking direct yourself, getting your band members to book too, your manager booking direct & using agents.

if you really want something to happen, it's simple:
You (and your team if you have one) have to get it done.
And if you're on your own.... that's ok. We all start that way.

Move it onward!

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