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Let's dig in deep now and break down the idea of producing and promoting your own events to play your show. At least in your home town. It's critical information and advice.

If the idea of it freaks you out, start with putting on house concerts and busking. Both of these will get you moving in the right direction and teach you the basics.

If you've already experienced these, you'll know their empowering force we're exposing here:

  • You don’t have to wait for, or rely on, anyone else to give you a gig. You give yourself a gig... you make your own event. 
  • In this age of Corona and what will surely result in the loss of many venues, new spaces for artists to perform are urgently needed. A pop up venue in a local hall or similar is an easy way to get live shows happening fast, without the hassle of having to run a venue week to week.
  • Because you need to promote the show, do a show budget and sell tickets, you’ll learn what it takes to make a direct connection with your audience, with out any middle men. Check further below in this email why this is incredibly financially valuable as you move forward.
  • This is also critical knowledge for when you have to work with other promoters. Once you know how to do it yourself, no-one will be able to speak nonsense to you about money and budgets, or be lazy with promoting one of your shows in their venue. You can check them, with confidence. And you’ll be much more sympathetic, appreciative and pro-active with good promoters that book your show.... and promote you. They'll love working with you and will grow with you.  
  • You’ll likely need to hire a sound system and lights, which is great experience for your show production and advancing.

But where this will really pay dividends financially is when you get to the point that you've grown your audience and are already directly connected to them via phone, email or socials. When ticket sales get over 500 for your event, you'll discover just how profitable this can be. Money that can pay for valuable things like new recordings, tour costs, etc.

And your home crowd will be used to coming and seeing you at your own event… not at some other venue or at a festival. This is powerful stuff.

Here's 7 simple steps to getting it done:

  1. Find a venue you can use; local halls, a school hall, community centres, old house of worship... basically any space, indoor or outdoor, that you can rent cheap, that can handle the noise you're going to make and the people you will bring. Remember to pick a date when there's nothing else big happening in town for your audience. 
  2. Find a sound system and lights to borrow or rent
  3. Do a show budget to know where the money is at
  4. Use a ticket website to sell tickets. Getting your tickets on sale 3 months or more before the event is best, if possible. 
  5. Promote the event / show
  6. In the week before the event, go hard on word of mouth promotion.
  7. On the day of the event, load into the place in the morning, set up, do light & sound check, sell tickets at the door, perform and enjoy the night, pack up, count the money, finish the budget, save the money for paying your people and future missions. 

Let’s Connect The Dots and take this thinking up a level to a bigger picture:

  • After you’ve successfully promoted your own show at an event in your own pop-up venue in your home town, you can invite artists from other towns near and far to play with you at your next event... and then they will invite you to their town… growing your network and audience in wider circles.
  • Then you can also start finding good local promoters in other towns who you can have a direct, long term and close personal relationship with, without the need for agents and other middle men. You'll grow with them over the years ahead. 

You see what we’re doing here?:

  • Empowering ourselves with knowledge and direct experience.
  • Achieving realistic goals that can lead us to financial sustainability and independence.
  • Building a networked community with other artists and promoters, outside of our home towns... and eventually across the world. 
  • Developing a direct relationship with our fans and audience… cutting out the middle men.
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