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This is all about activating and moving forward. The secret is to do at least one thing everyday... keep moving through it... each action will lead you to the next one... and through that forward movement you’ll start to see how things connect … and you’ll pick up speed.

We all need a kick up the arse sometimes to get things moving again.

Let's get back to what you can do on your own... at home... TODAY ... and with your collaborators online. This is work that will pay you back in the months to come. Think of it as an investment in your future. It’s about planting the seeds from this chance to re-set... and about building up the immunity of your music to the chaos around... for the clear air coming soon.

It doesn’t matter what you choose. Just pick one that makes the most sense to you, that you feel the energy to start activating NOW:

1. Create…. Compose, deliver new recordings, rehearse your show…. Or go all the way and completely re-invent your creative self. It all comes back to you as a creative.

2. Refresh your EPK… that's your electronic promotion kit. Take the chance to re-invent or refresh your brand and artwork… and deliver new content….. so you are ready to work with other artists, venues, agents and all the other players when the time comes.

3. Refresh your social media presence and organise your social media posting. This is your direct connection to your audience.

4. Build up your network via email and phone…. it will lead you to creating and seeking out new opportunities.

5. Check in on your foundation; your all important Vision & Intention ... and then don't forget all the boring but essential stuff of structures, bookkeeping & accountant & tax. If you can get your head around it now, it'll save you the time and stress of dealing with it later when all you want to be doing is getting back out there.

6. Research sponsorship and grant money that you can apply for. All over the world there are funds being made available to creatives from government and private funds.

7. If you have masters recorded, try and get into pitching for syncs so your music can get out there to new audiences with video, tv and film. And get your head around rolling out a release.... you have the time now to set it up properly for maximum reach. While the rest of the economy is being smashed, people are at home watching youtube music videos and streaming.

Just make a start on something…. anything... and if all else fails you can always go back to #1 on the list; creating and rehearsing.

The countdown has started.... go and Activate now!

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